All-In-One Content Solution
Turning Your Content Into Sales

Media Gearheads is the most advanced content solution you can get. We plan, write, and post your content to increase backlinks and search engine rankings.

Let’s cut right to the chase: you need to have a strategic content plan for the rest of the year. Media Gearheads will help you with that.

We’re the ones to beat the algorithm, through quality content with consistent topics and strategies. We can help you tap into your full potential and capitalize on the lucrative world of online publishing – if we don’t work together to make it happen, nobody will! 

Every business is different, and so is every content strategy. That’s why our done-for-you service includes everything from keyword and competition research, to a full content plan tailored specifically to your needs. With Media Gearheads, you’ll never have to worry about creating content again.

There are a lot of agencies now that offer content marketing strategy and execution. What makes us different is that we actually do the work for you and also include a full global SEO keyword research, competition mapping, and monitoring, content selection, and layout for you.

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Our content plans are based on real-life data and experiences from dozens of clients!

We love helping our clients, small or large, by creating content that’s readable and understandable for their readers and position them as the “go-to” source for that industry. Our team of seasoned writers and editors will ensure your content wins the best ROI possible for your budget. Media Gearheads will take over your content and run it for you, filling up your SEO pipeline, giving you traffic, and sweet, sweet sales.

Media Gearheads’s content service can save you weeks of work, and tons of stress. We get your planned content done fast, with the quality you expect, all supported by a team that gets results.

Enjoy the ROI you have always wanted – Talk to us. Get your content done for you, by professionals.


Keyword Research

Our team members are simply keyword research gurus! We can help you choose the best keywords based on their popularity, competitiveness, and value to your business. Whether it’s helping you dominate your market, or build the perfect online business, we are your best bet!


Content Marketing Plans

We don’t just build Content Marketing Plans, we analyze every single angle. But that’s only the beginning. From there on, we assess each and every keyword and recommend which ones to go for per article batch. We go as far as estimating word counts per article based on your niche’s current search volume and suggest the perfect image size to accompany each post design.


Superior Content Quality

We go above and beyond in editing all articles made for our clients. Not only do we make sure to use industry standards like Yoast and Grammarly, but our native editors fine-tune each article to ensure quality! This results in excellent content with minimal need for editing once published.

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Content Templates, Posting & Management

If you’re not feeling up to the task of posting quality content yourself, we can handle that too. We offer a unique service to manage, schedule, and create post templates for your sites in an instant. We do this for a wide range of platforms, from WordPress to Shopify (and everything in between).

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DFY & On-Demand Niche Websites

The DFY & on-demand niche sites we offer are truly some of the best you will find on the web today. These include Amazon affiliate sites based on products that are already ranking and earning commissions. You can get these ready-to-go websites today so you have less work to do and more time for profit.

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Responsibility, Flexibility & Client Involvement

We want you to be involved in every aspect of the project. You will see the results we deliver to you, and only you will be able to decide if we are worth more work in the future. If you’re new to SEO, this process will help you understand how it works, and give you an advantage over other businesses! It’s a win-win for both of us!